Sweet sticks…a way to keep the kids in check!

My kids are no different than any others, they LOVE sugar. I always get grumpy shortly after Halloween because I am so tired of negotiating with my kids on how many pieces of candy they can eat each day. Since they know my hair would catch on fire if they ask before school, fortunately the begging doesn’t start until after school.  Of course at this point it is 4pm, two hours before dinner, with homework to do before then.  Sugar definitely makes the homework a struggle so I try to hold them off. Then it is too close to dinner. After dinner, hey, what a great idea, why don’t you all have 3 Hershey bars,a bag of Skittles, and some Smarties,  so that you can take baths and get ready for bed like a bunch of wild animals. Yeah, I’m pretty over it.  It is two days past Halloween and we have LOTS of junk left. Three bags full!  I’ve done a lot of research on sugar and chemical dyes in the past couple of years and it is pretty scary. Red #40, yellow #5…not good. Not a great way to grow a brain!

This is where the sweet sticks come in. My kids each have a popsicle stick with their name on it, they colored them on their own.  We made a “pouch” from a piece of paper and taped it to the pantry door and it holds all 3 sticks. Each day the kids can pull their stick whenever they wish and eat their piece of candy. Once the stick is pulled, no more sugar that day.  With this much candy in the house I plan to loosen up over the weekend and let them have at it. As much as I will hate it, I would rather get rid of it sooner than later!  The best part about the sweet sticks is that asking mom becomes a non-issue. We have used the sticks off and on for a couple of years.  It seems to really make a difference once we have used them for a few weeks. I notice that a day goes by and no one has pulled a stick, had a cookie, or piece of candy.  Then a holiday rolls around, there is more junk in the house, and the sugar gets WAY out of hand again. That is when we pull the sticks back out.

If you try this out with your own sprouts, please let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you!

Peace and greens, Melissa


One thought on “Sweet sticks…a way to keep the kids in check!

  1. Great post Melissa. I like your sweet stick idea. We let the kids pick 10 pieces of candy from their Halloween bag and then they exchange the rest for $$$. This year, a local dentist was paying by the lb. for the candy and sending to the troops overseas. The candy is gone and I only have to handle the begging for candy for 10 days.

    I’d love some more information on the dies and what they do to your brain.

    The other idea a friend gave me a couple years back to counter the constant barrage of sugar cravings/requests was “dessert night.” My sprouts selected 3 nights of the week when dessert is on the menu. Last night, Halloween candy counted as dessert.

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